Junior? Junior?? JUNIORRRRRRRRR!!! December 7, 2006

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9 Responses to “Junior? Junior?? JUNIORRRRRRRRR!!!”

  1. mimi Says:


  2. mike Says:

    lol, poor little snowkid

  3. cynthia Says:

    aww juniors so cuuuute!!!

  4. mimi Says:

    hmm, that’s so weird. i didn’t post a comment yet. is there another mimi?????!!!!???

    anywayz. that is sooo sad but true.

  5. cwistal Says:

    his weapon of choice is one of my best friends! (or should i say, vest friends lol ian)

  6. calan Says:

    hahahaha! this is my favorite strip so far! it’s not only really funny and clever but the artwork is sublime. ty for the link add, btw. :D

  7. sora Says:

    aw.. thats so heart breaking

  8. gair Says:

    poor guy.. hah

  9. NobleSavage Says:

    Brilliantly written and illustrated!

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