Gun Fight! October 5, 2006

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Gun Fight!

updated news!


5 Responses to “Gun Fight!”

  1. Alex Says:

    I think Robin is humping that podium. Which makes sense, ’cause Batman won’t be around anymore to help him release that sexual energy.

  2. Amie Says:

    hilary duff!! hahaha so thats what they listen to eh?

  3. mellylicious Says:

    oh gawd. a bat casket. THAT IS SO AWESOME. hahaha

  4. kare bizzear Says:

    how come robin didnt die?

  5. hochoy Says:

    well kare bizzear, it’s because robin isn’t a part of the justice league. he was offered a role as nightwing but (for this robin is clearly dick grayson due to the fairy boots and speedos) he refused membership claiming he had enough to worry about as it is… anyway, great comic, reminiscent of zoolander. lovesed it!

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