Oh Bother… August 10, 2006

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Oh Bother...

Updated News!!!


12 Responses to “Oh Bother…”

  1. gair Says:

    oh my lord haha.. fkn pooh

  2. stevenpi Says:


  3. Ashley J Says:

    Hey! Shout out from Toronto ;) Yes, your wonderful site has reached Ontario! >_> Anywho… good stuff you guys have there. I like this one the best so far (And the carebear one!). Nothing beats black jokes. I’m sure the best is yet to come. Good luck guys!

  4. Lu Says:

    Man u guys have SICK jokes! sick as in the black saying.

  5. linz Says:

    oh winnie the pooh. hehehe. good stuff!!

  6. Kritty-Koncept Says:

    I didn’t expect anything less.

  7. mimi Says:

    GOod job guys. keep up the great work. the carebear one was my fav tho.

  8. suzie Says:

    the carebear was perty funnay - keep up the good work :)

  9. tmlguy604 Says:

    You guys are frickin hilarious. Nice to see some originality up in this “interweb” nowadays.

  10. cwistal Says:

    hahahahahhahahaha. oh poo

  11. mike Says:

    lmao, awesome

  12. hahhahaha Says:


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