And So it Begins… August 3, 2006

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I Should’ve Stayed Home

I Should Have Stayed Home


H is for H5N1

H is for H5N1


A New Bear’s In Town

A New Bear's In Town


13 Responses to “And So it Begins…”

  1. Kerr Says:

    Hey guys,

    Nicely done! I like it. I’ll make sure to read it every week!

    Kerr ^_^

  2. Ashley Says:

    Ha ha ha ha!!! These are funny! My fav is the last one!

    You can tell it’s a good joke when you can find it funny when you’ve been gone all day and you’re dead tired, yet you still find it funny!!!

  3. Santana Says:

    Finally started, good guys
    Sucks for Arnold
    And I do get the second comic =P

  4. Derek Says:

    You launched the website before me you bastards. Awesome page…now if only I could use some of your web talents on my page, I’d be tres populare.


  5. Skylove Says:

    Nice Drawing! I like the detailed background. It’s cool how you use cartoons that we know and revised it to a different version (totally opposite as their orginal character) haha.

  6. gair Says:

    haha.. it’s all i gotta say!

  7. Kritty-Koncept Says:

    Damn hilarious stuff. The big bird literally had me in tears. Everytime anybody checks this stuff out, society is reaping the fruit of its own labour. Amazing you guys, really is.

  8. noam Says:

    carebear countdown! 5-4-3-2-fellatio!

  9. cynthia Says:

    yay!!! steamed carrot is up and running… alls i gotta say is awesomenessosity. goodjob guys! now, more please!!! =)

  10. Takway Says:

    funnayyy! 2 eprops..o wait… 2 carrot-props or whatever…

  11. Bosco Says:

    keep up the great work

    I might start becoming a fan really soon xD

  12. Lisa Says:

    awesome..i like how education produces such a wonderful thing! *tear*

  13. wicket Says:

    SICK! MESSED! KILLA STOOPIDLY FUNNY ASS! This site iz DOPE an da name cracks ma yella ass up! FAN FOR LIFE!! Make promo gear and I’ll pimp that shit…!!! AWESOME KICKASS IDEA! Keep keeping it realz YO… WERD!

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